20/20 Imaging Digital X-Ray

The 20/20 Imaging’s hospital-grade, digital x-ray is an incredible enhancement to any podiatric practice. The benefits of digital radiography over film processing are substantial, both practically and economically. This cutting-edge technology places High Performance Foot & Ankle as the front runner in podiatric medicine with the utilization of the newest technology in diagnostic imaging. It also allows our doctors to immediately show patients their x-ray in a digital format. With their ability to closely zoom in on a specific part of the foot, our patients actually see more detailed information and are able to better understand the doctor’s diagnosis with the digital images. Benefits to 20/20 Imaging Digital X-Ray

The 20/20 Digital X-Ray technology has been designed for podiatric applications with superior processing throughout to reduce patient exam time. The precision engineering electronic, optical and mechanical design of this system yields high quality digital imaging, eliminates awkward, unsafe patient maneuvering and adds to exam efficiency.

Cutting Edge Technology from High Performance Foot & Ankle

Dr. Paukovitz provides our patients with the newest on-site cutting-edge technology and state of the art podiatric medical and surgical services.

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MLS Laser Therapy manages pain, reduces inflammation, increases mobility and helps speed recovery as most patients see results in just 1-3 treatments

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Most foot-related problems are due to a simple fact: The foot is in constant motion and under constant pressure. The average person will walk 100,000 miles in a lifetime. Improve your daily activities. Find out if custom orthotics are a solution for you